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Garage Door Opener Repair Services - Seattle, WA

Is your garage door opener not working properly? If yes then it’s high time you got it inspected. Malfunctioning or broken openers is one of the most common garage door issues that homeowners face and can affect the performance of the entire garage door system.

There are various brands of garage door openers available in market. However all these types fall around three main kinds of drives:-

  • The Belt Drive
  • The Chain Drive
  • The Screw Drive

There are significant differences in terms of design pattern and mechanism of these variants. However most of their working parts are similar. They all are equipped with remote access devices and receivers - a warning device or sensor that can detect objects in the path of the garage door and a control button that allows you to operate the garage door from inside the garage.

Garage Door Opener Repair:

Regardless of the type of garage door opener you have, there are some garage door opener repair tips that can come in handy. They are based on the most common garage opener problems that homeowners generally encounter.

However, when facing complex garage door opener repair and other issues it is advisable that you hire the services of an garage door expert. We at Seattle Home Garage Doors can be of help in case you’re in need of garage door opener repairs services in Seattle. Our experts are adept at providing expert garage door opener repair and other services and are also equipped with all the garage door opener repair parts while performing the tasks delegated to them. This goes a long way in ensuring that inaccuracies do not seep into the project and the job is executed as planned.

We provide complete installation & repair services for Garage Door Opener parts:

There are different types of branded garage door opener parts which comprise a garage door opener. Some of these parts are door roller, extension cable, extension spring, extension kits, lock set, mounting hardware kits, mounting hardware, operating hardware. We provide installation and repair services pertaining to all the above mentioned garage door opener parts.

Some of major steps we follow & recommend while performing garage door opener repair tasks are as follow:

Check the garage door first:

Use the emergency release cord to observe the movement of your garage door. A malfunctioning or damaged track can impact the movement of the garage door, which can also be caused due to the garage door opener, roller or springs breaking down. Therefore all these parts should be duly inspected before proceeding to the next step.

Test the remote and the wall switch:

You can check the wall switch by unscrewing one wire and touching the other terminal with it. If it runs, the wall switch needs to be replaced. As for the remote, check the batteries and if they are working well, check whether the receiver needs replacement.

Check the safety sensors:

The sensors could be misaligned or damaged. If the lights are not on, it is time to replace them, but if the lights are on and the garage door is not moving on time, you may just need to check the alignment.

Check the gear:

The motor may be running but the drive may have been damaged causing the garage door to stop midway. Call Seattle Home Garage Doors to get the drive replaced swiftly and effectively.

Safety tip:

Most garage door openers are electric so make sure you unplug the garage door opener to avoid electrocuting yourself during the repairs. Also, ensure that the garage door is closed so that it does not falls on anyone or anything. However, it is always recommended to leave this task to professionals as they can handle it perfectly.

How to keep garage door opener & its parts in working condition?

Most of the garage problems are avoidable given you follow regular maintenance steps. All it takes is a little time, a lubricant, a brush and maybe a file to keep all the moving parts in good shape. Usually, garage doors will give you a heads up if you perform maintenance tasks promptly and dully.

The easiest way to maintain your garage door opener is cleaning it. You need to clean out the tracks and rollers, wipe the sensors to get grime off them and file down the torsion shaft brackets. Ensure that you clean every part of your garage door opener. However, when you face any complex issue pertaining to your garage door opener or need any other garage door repairs in Seattle, we are always here to help you with our instant garage door opener repair and other services.

Apart from providing garage door opener repair and other services we also stock and sell quality garage door opener repair parts and garage door opener parts and can prove to be of help in case you are mulling to procure them.


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