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Residential Garage Door Maintenance Services - Seattle, WA

A garage door is actually a major investment and the repair work can be an expensive affair. You can avoid this potential pitfall by performing routine garage door maintenance services, in Seattle, to make sure that it functions effectively for a long time. A damaged or dilapidated garage door instantly decreases the property value of the house and becomes an eyesore for your neighbors.

Why Garage Door Maintenance is Necessary?

A damaged or dilapidated garage door is not just unappealing, it also hampers the safety and security of the residents in the house. Damaged garage doors may also lead to serious injuries, especially to children and pets. Also, damaged garage doors are often not in a position to open and shut properly, and may even cause major structural destruction of your house. With proper garage door maintenance, you are able to assure years of problem free operation.

For routine maintenance for such thing like garage door lubrication or garage door greasing, you need to hire the services of experts every 4 to 6 months. Your garage door is certainly not complex, but there are a lot of moving parts, including strings, cables, pulleys, keypads and remotes, that could cause problems. By making sure that these parts are properly maintained, the garage door owners can easily save a huge amount of money. For example, some of the garage door parts have to be lubricated and cleaned to provide a seamless and uninterrupted use.

What we have to maintain Garage Door?

Every garage door such as overhead door, slide door, swing up, swing out and roll up have regular maintenance parts who needs services to work proper way, we offers overhead garage door maintenance services or other garage door maintenance services. Garage owners need to hire for lubrication or garage door greasing of different parts in regular 4 to 6 months. Some of the parts are as follows.

Garage door moving parts

As well as the moving parts, the physical garage door must also be maintained. Depending upon the materials, whether or not it's steel, wood or vinyl, specific maintenance is always mandatory. Any rust should be scraped off. Furthermore, old paint could be stripped and repainted, and any damage should immediately be repaired.

Garage door weather seals

If you see a gap in weather seal, consider replacing the whole garage door weather seal. But, frankly, this is often easier said than done. The rubber weather seal is fitted into a slot in the bottom of the garage door. In some cases, it is held there simply by friction, and in others by having the ends of the slot slightly pinched. If this is the case, try opening the pinched portion with a screwdriver and then remove the weather seal.

To do this, press the opener, and when the garage door is about chest high, hit the button again to stop it. If your opener does not work, first pull down on the emergency release handle to disengage the raising mechanism from the automatic opener. Lift the garage door to about chest height and then pull the seal out. Clean the slot thoroughly then spray it with WD40, to help lubricate the area as you work the new seal into place. A little dish soap on the new seal also helps it to slide faster.

General garage door maintenance

General garage door maintenance can be completed by the homeowner themselves, considering that it isn't that complex. By taking good care of the minor problems, the homeowner can save a huge amount of cash that they would otherwise frequently spend on the garage door repair and replacement of the garage door. If you reside in and around Seattle, the services of Seattle Home Garage Doors is definitely a great choice for all your garage door repairs in Seattle.


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